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We are a consulting firm specialized in political risk, founded in 2018 by Sergio Guzmán, Álvaro Jiménez and Juan Fernando Londoño. We were born in response to the need for a local service offering political risk analysis in Colombia, in Spanish and English, for national and international clients.


Political risk analysis in Colombia has gone from being dominated by international consulting firms to having a growing local demand due to political dynamics, social tensions and the politicization of business in the midst of social unrest and inequality aggravated by the pandemic.


Colombia Risk Analysis seeks to bridge the information gap between the Colombian reality and the boardroom, providing decision-makers with more tools to assess the political environment, identify trends and guide their investment decisions. 


This path has led us to become a bridge between the business and political worlds. This is evidenced by our 61 monthly newsletters, 16 sector reports and 24 special reports. We provide you with tools that are unique in their category, such as the Subnational Risk Index - now in its third edition -, the Aggregate Presidential Favorability Index and the Aggregate Voting Intention Index.


Our voice and analysis is present in the world's leading newspapers. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Le Monde, The Guardian, El País - the global newspaper, Reuters, Associated Press, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Americas Quarterly, Al Jazeera, Global Americans, CNN and many others.

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