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Colombia Risk Analysis is a political risk consultancy founded in October 2018 by Sergio Guzmán, Álvaro Jiménez, and Juan Fernando Londoño. It emerged from the need for a local service that would provide political risk analysis in Colombia in both English and Spanish for domestic and international clients.

The field of political risk analysis in Colombia has transitioned from being dominated by international consultancies to experiencing growing local demand due to changing political dynamics, social tensions, and the politicization of the private sector amidst social unrest and exacerbated inequality stemming from the pandemic.

The mission of Colombia Risk Analysis is to bridge the information gap between societal political attitudes and executive boardrooms, providing decision-makers with more tools to evaluate the political environment, identify trends, and guide their investment decisions.

The company has developed a portfolio of services aimed at helping its clients understand the changing political, economic, social, and security landscape in Colombia. We have provided analysis on strikes, protests, tax reforms, electoral forecasts, and other political developments, enabling our clients to make critical business decisions in a timely manner.

Throughout its growth, Colombia Risk Analysis has been cited by recognized international and national media outlets, such as The Washington Post, Reuters, Financial Times, El País, El Espectador, and La República, among others.

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