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The Colombian government's new relationship with Latin America

As the newest president in the region, Gustavo Petro has called for regional unity and cooperation, and while ideologically aligned, there are many differences among Latin America's left. There is great anticipation and concern about what a left-leaning Latin America will mean. Will it facilitate greater regional integration balancing the powers of the Global North and South, or will fail like previous attempts leaving the region in disarray? 

This report focuses on the forms in which Petro's administration will collaborate and influence the region on issues such as peace, equality, and climate change. Furthermore, this report will also provide a deep analysis of the future of regional integration organizations in the region and Petro’s relationship with the rest of Latin America- his allies, partners, and rivals. The report also contains our thoughts on the resurgence of left-wing leaders in Latin America and what that means for the region overall. Moreover, to prevent greater losses to the economy and the job market, the region's leaders must rely on the private sector, an angle also explored in this report.

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