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The infrastructure sector is one of the few sectors of the economy that counts on a broad political consensus over its vital importance for the country’s future, as well as the continuity and legal certainty that projects should have. The infrastructure sector, in all its dimensions, offers strategic opportunities for both national and international companies. This is our second sector newsletter on the infrastructure sector (the first, published in February 2019), and it analyzes five topics that will be of vital interest to actors in the sector. These include public-private partnerships for the installation of 5G networks, the promise of infrastructure to develop wind energy in the country, the future of the Pacific regasification plant, the Buenaventura-Orinoquía road connection, and the Railway Master Plan. We think that this sector can bring enormous opportunities for investors, financiers, builders, communities, and the private sector in general, but they will only be taken advantage of by those who know how to better read the environment and stay ahead of the market.

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