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Local perceptions of indian investment in Colombia

In this second edition of the Colombia Risk Analysis and Cifras & Conceptos Special Report, we offer an analysis of the opportunities and challenges in four key sectors: extractive, pharmaceutical, technology and agricultural.

In a global context where India is positioned as one of the most dynamic emerging economies, this report shows how Colombia can take advantage of the opportunities with this country and the challenges it faces. The report includes updated forecasts and data to inform decision-makers interested in strengthening ties with India.

Download the report and find out how Colombia can take advantage of Indian investment.

📊Highlighted contents of the report:

  • Analysis of Colombia's Strategic Sectors.

  • Prospects for growth in India-Colombia trade relations.

  • Challenges and opportunities for attracting Indian investment and promoting bilateral cooperation.

Why it matters.

India, the world's fast-growing fifth-largest economy, presents a unique opportunity for Colombia as it seeks economic partners. This report provides practical guidance and critical analysis to understand and capitalize on this opportunity, with accurate data and clear recommendations for business leaders and policymakers.

Download the report to make informed decisions.

Indian Investment in Colombia
Indian investment in Colombia


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