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Bogotá, Colombia
+ 57 313 875 4648



Monthly reports that discuss the political and security situation of Colombia, providing commentary and forecast. 


Regional reports that identify social, political, and security issues that potentially represent risks for the private sector and the state. 




Stakeholder analysis and mapping in different areas of interest.  


Bespoke reports on political risk for Colombia and the region tailored to clients' interests and needs.  


Executive Presentations on the client's topics of interest with regards to Colombia and other countries in the region.



Colombia Risk Analysis is a political risk consultancy. We provide clients with analysis, context and projections about the political, economic and social environment that affects Colombia and the region. Through monthly newsletters, detailed consulting and articles of interest, Colombia Risk Analysis adds value to its customers in the public and private sectors. The consultants and founding partners of Colombia Risk Analysis have extensive experience in consulting for clients of all types, including Forbes 500 corporations, NGOs, and governments of the region.


Contact us

Info@colombiariskanalysis.com  |  Phone number:  +57 313 875 4648




Director of Colombia Risk Analysis. He provides commercial, security and political risk analysis for the Andean region. His expertise is in the Colombian conflict, the resolution of international conflicts and international development.

Before joining Colombia Risk Analysis, Sergio was the principal analyst for Colombia, Bolivia and Suriname at Control Risks where he was an international consultant in political and security risks.


Sergio holds a Master's degree in International Economics and International Relations from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. His native language is Spanish, he is fluent in English and is proficient in Portuguese. Sergio has spoken at numerous regional and international conferences on issues of political economy, finance, anti-corruption and international relations.

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Head of the Colombian campaign against mines and a member of the Government's taskforce of the international campaign for the prohibition of antipersonnel mines. In addition to being a founding member of Colombia Risk Analysis, he is co-founder of SEHLAC, a working group on human security in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Álvaro is a political scientist, analyst of the armed conflict and negotiation processes in Colombia. He is an expert in the promotion and strengthening of citizen initiatives for the construction of a culture of peace and the promotion of civil and human rights. He was spokesman of the M-19 movement in the peace negotiations between this guerrilla and the government of Belisario Betancourt in 1984. Later he was the guarantor of the dialogues between the government of President Uribe Vélez and the ELN in Cuba.

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Partner in Colombia Risk Analysis. He has skills for crisis management and production of risk analysis and its potential impact on the business sector. He has more than 31 years of experience in media, the private sector and diplomacy. 

He is fluent in English and Spanish. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of Fulbright Colombia. Before joining Colombia Risk Analysis, Alfonso was a member of the Board of Directors of the American Business Council in Colombia. He was Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Colombia from 2010 to 2014 and a columnist for Semana magazine.

Alfonso is a former Knight Fellow for Journalists at Stanford University, a graduate of Universidad de Los Andes in Business Administration and Management, and a graduate of Allegheny College with an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Government.

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Analyst for Colombia Risk Analysis. She writes client notes and researches a variety of subjects including transportation, security and defense, national politics, and international relations.


Katherin has a degree in International Relations from Universidad del Rosario with an emphasis on Security and Democracy, she specializes in strategic issues of security and defense, terrorism, the Middle East, data analysis, social networks, and open media for research and production of articles. She has written investigations and reports about Colombia’s national security strategy in her prior role at the National Navy where she worked on prospective and future forecasts for the intelligence division.


In prior roles, she has also done social network analysis,

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The relationship between Colombia and Canada is a result of aligned strategic interests, both countries. In the last decade, the bilateral relationship has become noticeably closer, as a result of the ratification of the Free Trade Agreement in 2011, the signature of the Peace Agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC in 2016, and the fact that both countries are committed to providing multilateral solutions to the humanitarian and political crisis in Venezuela.

This newsletter, prepared by Colombia Risk Analysis for the benefit of the Colombian Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCCC), attempts to summarize the state of the bilateral relationship between the two countries and assess the different economic and political areas where they collaborate. The document represents the views and analysis of Colombia Risk Analysis and its content does not bind the CCCC or its members in any way. 





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